What would eventually become known as Knight Oil Inc. in 1975 was first known and respected as G.C. Knight Oil delivery. Long before that though, in 1927, B.L. Colby coal and oil delivery was the top name in the game when you wanted a fair price and a professional experience. As an employee of B.L. Colby for many years, George C. Knight learned the business in and out and saw an opportunity to not only sustain, but to grow. That eventually led to the purchase of the company, and the reinvention into G.C. Knight Oil in 1953. Knight Oil would later be incorporated in 1975 and from there on out, and into its third generation of family members as Knight Oil Inc. With almost 10 decades of service to the Essex and Rockingham County; we feel it is only appropriate to consider ourselves the local authority on home heating fuel. We look forward to the next century and beyond.

FOUNDER: George C. Knight Bio

Saying that George C. Knight was a busy man is like reminding a child to get up early on Christmas morning: It's unnecessary because it's so obvious. For decades George Knight operated a Mobil heating oil distributorship in Amesbury, Mass. — a distributorship that had a 27-year affiliation with Mobil before George Knight became its owner. Prior to buying the business, he had worked in a local automobile agency and, later, became an employee of the company he would own one day. But the remarkable thing about George Knight's career is not the way he continued to build up a thriving heating oil distributorship. No, the re-markable thing is that he had any time to devote to the business. George Knight, you see, is a man who believes firmly that he has civic, religious, and educational responsibilities in addition to his business obligations. Read More


For nearly a century Knight Oil Inc. and its predecessors have survived off its name and reputation for providing top quality product and service at a fair price. We strive to be the leader in home heating while maintaining our roots in the community that we have served for so long. We are proud to be a part of the solution, and even prouder to be the company people turn to in order to make sure their family and loved ones stay warm over the cold season.